Meet François!


His name is really Franz, but he fancies himself a bit French.


I picked him up on freecycle, after keeping an eye out for weeks.

The previous owner warned that the bobbin thread skips stitches but I am welcome to try and make it work. I took it apart last Friday, and after I cleaned out the lint that was clogging up every last bit of the machinery, it was stitching like a charm. Oh, and after I realised I don’t have to lead the upper thread around the bobbin winder because that way it will keep on breaking. Ahem.

It’s just my perfect machine – advanced enough that it can do all sorts of fun tricks, but old enough to have been made of metal parts that won’t break or require frequent servicing. Yay!!


[translation to be inserted]


2 Responses to “Meet François!”

  1. 1 mama

    Gyönyörű a Franzi! Szolgáljon egészségben, nagy örömödre mindig!

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