Did you know that separate left and right shoes were only introduced in the 19th century? Imagine what people must have gone through in the old days to break in their footwear.

(Side tangent: isn’t it interesting how it took us to start designing comfortable footwear – when according to cave paintings, our ancestors were already wearing foot bags around 8000 BC? The signalling function of uncomfortable vestments in suggesting privilege, leisure and discipline probably had something to do with it, but still. I’d love to read a good book on this.)

That said, this discussion on Corporette was rather frightening to read – one too many comments by women who wore heels through their twenties and had to have foot surgery in their thirties! Eek. I immediately deleted all of the pointy toed shoes on my eBay watchlist.

Meanwhile, I have this second hand find to present:


My one pair of work appropriate shoes that I started with are also an almond toe pair by the same brand, Kurt Geiger. Those shoes have served me so well that I jumped on these when they came up. I don’t have a problem with buying used stuff, which also means I could fit them in my budget. I am not too keen on the toe cleavage… I hadn’t expected it, and it doesn’t exactly scream classy to me.  But, that is what we have. It feels reasonably comfortable, as far as formal shoes go.



[translation to come]


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