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Summer of 2011


Yep, this is the rate at which I am posting here. I still can’t believe I haven’t put this up, I was so pleased with this project at the time. Another eBay find (you would never have guessed…) – the skirt was massively big and unflattering in its original incarnation so I doctored it. At […]

For a whole different kind of body!

Straight from the wardrobe of a Warner Brothers studio on Los Angeles (I am not kidding!), I present to you the Spot My Suit: The first person to identify it in an upcoming movie or television series wins a cookie! I  promise the photo was less blurry a minute ago… but I think you can […]



I am back! And I am proud to present Sewing Project no. 2. I’ve been needing a new coat for a while. The lining in my old one has shred to tatters, and, more difficult to redeem, the outer fabric has also begun to show its age. After a whole winter of searching, I finally […]

Tan shoes


You won’t guess where I found this pair of Nine Wests! (Yep, they are from eBay.) They sport padded soles, mid-heels and a round toebox that avoids looking childish. I have high hopes for them. The camera is perched below hip level. I haven’t found a better spot for it yet, but hopefully from a […]

Purchased on eBay, originally by one of the classical British tailoring houses. Since it is not a popularly known brand, and very few people search for it, you can pick up fantastic quality at a tiny fraction of the original prices. I love the cut of the bottom half of the jacket. I don’t so […]

Hemming a skirt


I found this skirt in an Oxfam store. As usual, it came up too short on me. But now I know how to lower a hem! (You don’t really need a sewing machine for this, I just hadn’t thought of working this out until I got interested in dressmaking.) It was going swimmingly until I […]

Meet François!


His name is really Franz, but he fancies himself a bit French. I picked him up on freecycle, after keeping an eye out for weeks. The previous owner warned that the bobbin thread skips stitches but I am welcome to try and make it work. I took it apart last Friday, and after I cleaned […]



Did you know that separate left and right shoes were only introduced in the 19th century? Imagine what people must have gone through in the old days to break in their footwear. (Side tangent: isn’t it interesting how it took us to start designing comfortable footwear – when according to cave paintings, our ancestors were […]

Workhorse shoes


Shoes pose their special challenge. Especially to those of us wide of feet. I have been haunting eBay for brands that I know manufacture shoes that work for my feet. In the meanwhile, I snapped these up in a brick and mortar shop: On the bright side: the colour is very versatile the shape and […]