Summer of 2011


Yep, this is the rate at which I am posting here. I still can’t believe I haven’t put this up, I was so pleased with this project at the time. Another eBay find (you would never have guessed…) – the skirt was massively big and unflattering in its original incarnation so I doctored it. At great effort, I might add. I unpicked the back seam three times before it started hanging more or less right!

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tim van steenbergen

I would totally wear this dress to work. Definitely without the hat though.

It’s nowhere near as fabulous as the van Steenbergen dress that I tried on today, referencing the 17th century in faux leather, but I could not find a picture of that one. If anyone would like to gift it to me, please leave your name and address below. Thx!


Minden további nélkül fölvenném ezt a ruhát munkába. De mindenképpen a fejfödő nélkül.

Mad Style


Will she finally take some photos and update Audrey’s Wardrobe? Or won’t she?

While we bite our nails and deliberate, head over to Tom and Lorenzo to read a fabulous series of posts on sartorial communication in Mad Men.


Nem tudom, hogy otthon is sugározzák-e ezt a sorozatot, ami a hatvanas évek Amerikájában játszódik. Ez a hivatkozás a kosztümök által kommunikált üzeneteket elemzi.

Straight from the wardrobe of a Warner Brothers studio on Los Angeles (I am not kidding!), I present to you the Spot My Suit:


The first person to identify it in an upcoming movie or television series wins a cookie! I  promise the photo was less blurry a minute ago… but I think you can still see the gorgeous lining, and the fun contrasting satin ribbon around the waistband.

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Audrey’s wardrobe has been inching closer to a functional state! I will be updating over the next few days as I tackle hemming and take photos.

In the meanwhile, a series I enjoyed on clothing and gender:

Women, Pants and Politics (covering the more familiar highlights such as the impact of wartime labour needs, but in an easy to read and informative style. Did you know that women US Senators were allowed to wear trousers suits in the 1990s? Amazing!)

Cross-Dressing Through History – Women (women’s adoption of masculine fashion elements from the 16th century, complete with another look at well known portraits)

Cross-Dressing Through History – Men (a cookie if you guess what this one is about!)


Nemsokára frissítek a ruhatáram új darabjaival 🙂 addig is, egy kis olvasmány a divattörténelemből!



I am back! And I am proud to present Sewing Project no. 2.


I’ve been needing a new coat for a while. The lining in my old one has shred to tatters, and, more difficult to redeem, the outer fabric has also begun to show its age. After a whole winter of searching, I finally found a gorgeous trench! Yes it was second hand too. I felt so glamorous when I first put it on… right until I looked in a mirror and realised that it is too large on my upper body. As an extra bonus, it made me look like I have a pinhead.

So I devised the following war plan:

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All hail! A promising article on the latest trends from the WSJ.


I like the jacket on the left hand drone in the middle row.

And, a bonus interview on Corporette with the woman behind Portia de Rossi’s well orchestrated outfits on Better Off Ted. So ruffle blouses are considered intimidating? Interesting.


A jelek szerint az új divatirányzat biztató! Talán még a boltokban is fogok találni megfelelő kosztümöt.

A középső sorban, a baloldali robot zakója különösen tetszik.

The wardrobe updating will resume soon! In the meanwhile: I rather like the design of this suit. The shape of the princess seams is interesting and flattering. It’s one of those design details where you have to go either all out – with lace and ruffles, as on this suit – or balance it with a more masculine fabric and other construction details. I can see it in a gunmetal grey wool suiting – but I would keep the chiffon trims!

Nemsokára folytatom a ruhatáramról a jelentéseket. Addig is, fölkeltette az érdeklődésemet ez a kosztüm. A mellkasi rész szabása érdekes, és szerintem jól állna. Az a fajta megoldás, amihez vagy teljes mellbedobással, csipkékkel és fodrokkal illik tervezni, vagy pedig férfiasabb szövetekkel és részletekkel. Puskagolyószürke gyapjúszövettel tudom elképzelni, de megtartanám hozzá az áttetsző selyem szalagozást!

Hint: this is not the way 😉


I had great fun with it though. It reminded me of doing my geometry homework in primary school, except I had better tools to work with then 😆 The book is standing in for a triangular ruler, and as I later discovered, my ruler and the B&Q tape do not actually measure the same. Who knew that rulers can lie?

Crawling around on the floor there also drove home just how multi-faceted the craft of dressmaking is: the entire process calls for scientific skills as much as artistic talent and practical precision. (This time, I am stuck with translating into English – what would be the equivalent of kézügyesség?) Not so different from architecture or car manufacturing at the end of the day. 😉

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