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I am back! And I am proud to present Sewing Project no. 2. I’ve been needing a new coat for a while. The lining in my old one has shred to tatters, and, more difficult to redeem, the outer fabric has also begun to show its age. After a whole winter of searching, I finally […]

The wardrobe updating will resume soon! In the meanwhile: I rather like the design of this suit. The shape of the princess seams is interesting and flattering. It’s one of those design details where you have to go either all out – with lace and ruffles, as on this suit – or balance it with […]

Hint: this is not the way 😉 I had great fun with it though. It reminded me of doing my geometry homework in primary school, except I had better tools to work with then 😆 The book is standing in for a triangular ruler, and as I later discovered, my ruler and the B&Q tape […]

My first ever complete sewing project: ta-da! I loved the top on the Selfish Seamstress, and she very unselfishly shared the pattern here. I made it up in a rayon jersey. Comparing it with the original version, I would prefer to use a double knit if I make it again – the drape of the […]

Hemming a skirt


I found this skirt in an Oxfam store. As usual, it came up too short on me. But now I know how to lower a hem! (You don’t really need a sewing machine for this, I just hadn’t thought of working this out until I got interested in dressmaking.) It was going swimmingly until I […]

Meet François!


His name is really Franz, but he fancies himself a bit French. I picked him up on freecycle, after keeping an eye out for weeks. The previous owner warned that the bobbin thread skips stitches but I am welcome to try and make it work. I took it apart last Friday, and after I cleaned […]