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Straight from the wardrobe of a Warner Brothers studio on Los Angeles (I am not kidding!), I present to you the Spot My Suit: The first person to identify it in an upcoming movie or television series wins a cookie! I  promise the photo was less blurry a minute ago… but I think you can […]

All hail! A promising article on the latest trends from the WSJ. I like the jacket on the left hand drone in the middle row. And, a bonus interview on Corporette with the woman behind Portia de Rossi’s well orchestrated outfits on Better Off Ted. So ruffle blouses are considered intimidating? Interesting. ~~~~~~~~ A jelek […]

The wardrobe updating will resume soon! In the meanwhile: I rather like the design of this suit. The shape of the princess seams is interesting and flattering. It’s one of those design details where you have to go either all out – with lace and ruffles, as on this suit – or balance it with […]