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I am back! And I am proud to present Sewing Project no. 2. I’ve been needing a new coat for a while. The lining in my old one has shred to tatters, and, more difficult to redeem, the outer fabric has also begun to show its age. After a whole winter of searching, I finally […]

Tan shoes


You won’t guess where I found this pair of Nine Wests! (Yep, they are from eBay.) They sport padded soles, mid-heels and a round toebox that avoids looking childish. I have high hopes for them. The camera is perched below hip level. I haven’t found a better spot for it yet, but hopefully from a […]

Purchased on eBay, originally by one of the classical British tailoring houses. Since it is not a popularly known brand, and very few people search for it, you can pick up fantastic quality at a tiny fraction of the original prices. I love the cut of the bottom half of the jacket. I don’t so […]

Two amazing Roland Mouret pieces on eBay this morning – in my size and my colours, no less! Still very much not in my price range. The iconic Moon dress: And the Pyxis jacket. I wonder how the construction details could be adapted for a work outfit… The details on the skirt in particular make […]