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Audrey’s wardrobe has been inching closer to a functional state! I will be updating over the next few days as I tackle hemming and take photos. In the meanwhile, a series I enjoyed on clothing and gender: Women, Pants and Politics (covering the more familiar highlights such as the impact of wartime labour needs, but […]

The NYT published a piece this week on ‘GDR chic’. I was a little disappointed with the article – they could have taken it to much more interesting places than “how big was the team at Sybile [the GDR mag featuring fashion shots]”. S. at academichic commented on one of the implied angles – the […]



Did you know that separate left and right shoes were only introduced in the 19th century? Imagine what people must have gone through in the old days to break in their footwear. (Side tangent: isn’t it interesting how it took us to start designing comfortable footwear – when according to cave paintings, our ancestors were […]

I came across the Britt Lintner line of work dresses after reading an article in the Times on workwear for women. Interesting to look through, if only to see some examples of formal but feminine workwear, but nothing earth-shattering. Also,  putting a ca. £500 price tag on a simple dress made of acetate and nylon? […]