A whole different kind of wardrobe


For a whole different kind of body!

Bolero 1

With a growing bump (officially halfway through the pregnancy now!), I need to reassess what works with my changing proportions. The New Look silhouette is definitely out for a while!

To focus on the advantages, I now have boobs! I am experimenting with some styles that I have never tried before and that could potentially be worked into my post-maternity wardrobe as well. This bolero is a case in point. Not at all something I would have looked at before, generally preferring tailored styles, but I saw it on ebay and figured it might balance out the expanding curves on my lower body.

Bolero 3

(Not the most flattering photo, but it shows the bump better and made me realise that I should not pull this thing taut.)

Also, I really need cardigans that work, full stop, and that in my book should include the possibility of buttoning up. Exhibit A: it is mid-May here and FREEZING. Today I wore a woolly scarf and knee length boots (thank goodness my feet haven’t started expanding yet) to accessorise my coat. Exhibit B: I am prone to feeling cold even when the rest of the world walks around in T-shirts.



The lovely Sally of alreadypretty.com has just done a post on maternity cardigans – check out these finds!



Ismét új ruhatárra van szükségem, ezúttal az újonnan formálódó alakomhoz! Meglehetősen lassan halad a gyűjtögetés, de az előnyök közé kell sorolom, hogy olyan darabokkal is kísérletezek, amikre ezelőtt rá nem néztem volna. Mind például ez a boleró. Megláttam, és úgy gondoltam, kipróbálom, hátha kiegyensúlyozza a gömbölyödő alsótestemet.


One Response to “A whole different kind of wardrobe”

  1. I am so happy for you!! Funny, the other day I was thinking about you and the fleeting idea of a pregnancy crossed my mind. I hope all is going splendidly!

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