Tim van Steenbergen


tim van steenbergen

I would totally wear this dress to work. Definitely without the hat though.

It’s nowhere near as fabulous as the van Steenbergen dress that I tried on today, referencing the 17th century in faux leather, but I could not find a picture of that one. If anyone would like to gift it to me, please leave your name and address below. Thx!


Minden további nélkül fölvenném ezt a ruhát munkába. De mindenképpen a fejfödő nélkül.


4 Responses to “Tim van Steenbergen”

  1. Hmm, gift you the picture, or the dress? 😀

    I just saw a seamstress post about Balmain’s F/W 2010 collection, which also seems to be full of 17th-century inspiration.

  2. 3 enikec

    it so nice THAT you write on 2 languages…

    • Thank you for the visit, enikec! I am glad you like it. That provides additional motivation to keep doing it (once I manage to get into the swing of this again!)

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