The Minimalist Cowl


My first ever complete sewing project: ta-da!


I loved the top on the Selfish Seamstress, and she very unselfishly shared the pattern here.

I made it up in a rayon jersey. Comparing it with the original version, I would prefer to use a double knit if I make it again – the drape of the cowl looks more elegant that way.

Okay, first reaction: What Was I Thinking?!

This took absolutely forever. If I spend an entire afternoon and evening on a ‘super easy’ top, I might as well forget about sewing my own wardrobe any time soon! And that was after I had already cut out and modified the pattern. (I slashed it at the high waist to make it longer, and also broadened it a bit along a straight line passing near the bust/shoulder blade points.) I had no idea that pinning is so time consuming.

Further reactions:

  • Cutting the fabric was surprisingly difficult. It probably didn’t help that I was working on a 1 square metre area on the floor. I ended up pinning the pattern to the folded fabric, catching both layers, and just cutting around that. I didn’t find that very precise though – the fabric inevitably lifts a little compared to the pin near the edge of the pattern, and I had errors of several millimetres. Also, I didn’t find a use for my tailor’s chalk.
  • The sewing itself was easier than I anticipated. I used a straight stretch stitch and a special stretch stitch foot. (Say that fast!)
  • The only part I visibly  messed up, of course, was the most visible part, i.e. the front cowl hem. I first hemmed it towards the right side of the cowl. 🙂 When I realised the mistake, I turned the seam on itself and topstitched, so the cowl didn’t lose any length. Because I was working with such a narrow hem at that point, the edge kept getting caught in the foot, and the stitching is not too straight as a result.
  • Setting the cowl into the neck also presented a challenge. I tried to line up the back seam with the centre back, the front with the centre front, and the side edges with the neck seam. That somehow resulted in more cowl material than neckline material in the front, and the reverse situation in the back. I was wondering setting a sleeve is similar to this. I did a good job at the back, not such a good job at the front, but the cowl covers that up.
  • The neck-shoulder seam on the back piece was a bit longer than on the front piece. Is this usual in tops? It looks fine in any case.
  • The armhole sticks away a little and I am not sure why. Perhaps I should have pressed it over a tailor’s ham? The material also doesn’t lie perfectly smoothly. I stitched another row around the first effort on the seam allowance, and that helped a little.



Az első remekművem!

Enyhén pofára estem az időzítéssel. Azt hittem, sitty-sutty megleszek. Ehhez képest egy egész délutánt és estét igénybe vett az elkészítése – és ez már azután volt, hogy a szabásmintát kivágtam, és a saját méretemhez igazítottam. Fogalmam se volt, hogy mennyi időt fölemészt az anyag tűzködése. A varrás maga az egész folyamatnak elenyésző része volt.

Ha még egyszer elkészítem, akkor vastagabb dzsörzét használnék, hasonlóan az eredeti mintához (ami itt található).

A nyakát egy kicsit eltoltam, de nem tragikus. A hónalj pedig egy kicsit eláll, de arra nem tudok rájönni, miért.


7 Responses to “The Minimalist Cowl”

  1. 1 Amoretti

    It looks fabulous! I’m in awe of your sewing skills.

  2. Wow, I think it looks beautiful!

  3. Yay! Thank you, Amoretti. And thanks, Mallory.

  4. 4 mama

    Ez tényleg remekmű, és te is az vagy, hála Istennek!

  5. Wow it looks fabulous :). I want one!
    I’d be the same, would point out the faults and be very aware of them, but honestly from here it looks perfect!

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